When I look into the mirror,my insecurities stare back.

I see the marks on my face. I see how my left eye is slightly bigger than the right one and how I strategically mask it with eyeliner. I see my hair and I think maybe it’s too short.I see the weight I’ve put on. I obsess over things that others wouldn’t even notice.

When I make a mistake, it’s on repeat in my head. I constantly check my Instagram and Facebook pages coz I fear missing out. Before I fall asleep, I constantly find myself thinking I might never love as easily or as deeply as the people around me do. Sometimes, I feel replaceable.I look around me and wonder if I’m good enough.

I’m every other person. We grow. We get hurt. We collect insecurities. We’re only humans after all.We weren’t born to be perfect.The society tries to force feed us its version of how we’re supposed to look and act. We keep trying to live up to these insane expectations. It weighs us down.

While it is okay to have insecurities, it isn’t okay for it to define you. You can’t go about living life behind walls as you are too afraid to let people know what you have to say. If you don’t value your opinions, you don’t get to complain when others disregard it. You can’t push everyone away and still expect them to stay.So, go love yourself first.

Be an unapologetic misfit 🙂



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